Interra DALI Binary Inputs serve as an interface for the operation of DALI systems via conventional pushbuttons, switches, or floating contacts as well as for processing binary signals. They can be configured as sensors, switches, or potential-free push buttons. In addition, weather data can be transmitted to the DALI bus for further evaluation via an appropriate weather sensor. The Binary Inputs are powered via the DALI and do not require an additional power supply.

Main Functions:

• Switching         • Toggle             • 2 Channel

• Dimming          • Shutter/Blind   • Value Operation

Most functions only need one input, and therefore each input might be assigned a different function. However, some functions use two inputs, such as “Dimming with 2 buttons” and “Shutter/ Blinds with 2 buttons”.

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DALI-2 Binary Input Series

ITR104-1000 // DALI-2 Binary Input - 4 Channel

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