Interra Ethernet I/O module is a versatile device that allows a variety of configurations and provides cost-efficient automation for smart home applications. The Ethernet module is intended to cover several automation requirements in a smart building for safe and efficient operations.

Interra Ethernet I/O module has been developed for providing the desired controls, especially in the residents and hotel applications. The usage of these devices guarantees the efficient management and provision of rooms. It is fed by a 100-250 V AC mains line and does not need an external power supply. It can communicate with the Interra touch panels and Interra Home Server via ethernet connection. 

In addition, the configurations for the inputs and outputs of the device can be made from the corresponding menus via the EIO Configuration software. Feedback information on the output and inputs can be displayed on the LDC screen of the device. The output relays are 16A.

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Interra Ethernet I/O Modules

ITR208-0005 // 8 Channel

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