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ITR832-0002 is a dual-channel KNX-DALI interface device used to provide an interface between DALI and KNX installations, enabling communication between the two protocols. 


DALI devices (ballasts, etc. ECGs) connected to the line are supplied with the internal DALI power supply. Up to 2x64 DALI ballasts can be connected and with each DALI channel, 16 groups, 16 scenarios, and 64 devices can be controlled. It's also compatible with DT0, DT1, DT6, DT8-TC, DT8-RGB, DT8-RGBW.


In addition, independent emergency lighting according to EN 62386-202 is supported and emergency lighting tests (e.g. function and time test) can be triggered via the KNX line. Also, feedback on the KNX line can be sent. Each DALI device can be controlled individually, in a group, or broadcast control.

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Interra KNX - DALI Gateway Series

ITR832-0012 // KNX - DALI Gateway (2x64 DALI)

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